Mike Scalise

Mike Scalise

My thoughts on SQL Server, Project Management, Fitness, and all points in between

About Me

Hi, my name is Mike Scalise. I know bios can be boring to read, so I’ve included both concise and full versions of mine. Enjoy!


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Mike Scalise


I’m an IT professional who’s passionate about Data, SQL, and Project Management.

I was born and raised in Utica, NY. Throughout my teenage years, I was fascinated by software and how applications could be developed to store, analyze, and manipulate data. I spent many hours learning programming languages like Visual Basic, Pascal, and Assembly so I could write my own software, specifically in ways that would incorporate my other interests, like weightlifting and fitness. At the age of sixteen, I formed my own fitness software company and released an application that helped people become and remain physically fit through exercise. I’ll be honest–I think I had the right idea of combining fitness and technology in new ways, but my execution was horrible. I didn’t know anything about how to run a business–the management, the accounting, the support, etc.

When I turned eighteen, I decided to attend Nazareth College in Rochester, NY where I pursued a double major in Business Administration and Information Technology, with a specialization in Entrepreneurial Studies. This course of study proved a perfect fit to both build my business skills and hone my technological skills.

After graduating from Nazareth, I began my professional career in IT and Business Intelligence at a private safety and industrial supply company, working with several databases and report-writing tools. This was an invaluable experience that sparked my interest in management and further solidified my interest in IT. After three years in the position, I transitioned to working at a private college. In my new role, I had the opportunity to communicate directly with users, develop and administer databases, and manage multiple projects.

In response to the varying needs of my role, I decided to pursue a graduate degree in Management at Nazareth. In addition, I earned my Project Management Professional (PMP) and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist – SQL Server certifications to further round out my skill set. I’ve remained active in the SQL and Project Management communities through chapter meetings, conferences, events, and support forums.

Outside of my professional and academic career, I am an a cappella music enthusiast. I co-founded and co-manage The A Cappella Blog, and even co-authored The A Cappella Book to more fully explore the topic. Otherwise, my days include weightlifting, listening to ’90s music on Pandora, watching and rewatching Entourage and Friends, and working through home improvements with my wife, Amy, at our house in Rochester, NY.