Mike Scalise

Mike Scalise

My thoughts on SQL Server, Project Management, Fitness, and all points in between


I take a “you first” approach to my projects. In other words, I don’t work on a project unless I think it can benefit others. When I consult for organizations, I seek to understand their needs and wants. I leverage my project management and technical expertise to set clear expectations for what is realistic within their timeline and budget. This approach results in a mutually-beneficial relationship that leads to easy-to-use, effective solutions.

Here is a sample list of projects I’ve worked on over the past two decades. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Year Name Description Technologies Used
2018 Report of Available Software within a Date Range Script to generate report of Ellucian software releases. T-SQL
2018 Inactive Login Suspension Script Utility to disable Ellucian Colleague accounts after a period of inactivity. T-SQL
2017 MLIST Utility to display Ellucian Colleague SQL query results in an easy-to-read format. Unibasic
2016 Unidata File/Field to SQL Server Table/Column Mapping Utility that assists Ellucian Colleague clients in a Unidata to SQL migration. T-SQL
2016 The Money Challenge Tracker Excel spreadsheet with formulas to assist people in saving money. Microsoft Excel
2016 SpeedClone Utility to make Ellucian Colleague clones more efficient. T-SQL
2016 Google To Toggl Integration Utility to transfer Google Calendar entries to Toggl time-tracking system. Google Apps Script
2016 Audit Script for Newer Software Overwritten by Older Software Audit script for Ellucian Colleague software issues. T-SQL
2015 Ellucian Colleague Security Audit Script to display Ellucian Colleague security information in an easy-to-read format. T-SQL
2013 6x6x2013 – The Gender Collection Graphic design project for 6×6 – The International Small Art Phenomenon. Adobe Illustrator
2012 Transcript Import System Script to transfer transcript information from third-party Ellucian to Ellucian Colleague system. T-SQL
2010 Web Directory (Faculty, Staff, Students) Refresh Process Script to manage information about employees. T-SQL
2010 Campus Safety Card Swipe to Ellucian Colleague Integration Script to transfer time card entries from card swipe system to Ellucian Colleague system for payroll. T-SQL
2009 Campus Safety Parking Permit System System for managing parking permit and billing information. Envision Basic
2004 Naz Scheduler Software to convert a Nazareth text-based class schedules to a color-coded HTML tables. Visual Basic 6
2004 Disk Error Log (DEL) Software to record floppy disk error and resolution information. Visual Basic 6
2003 Killer Countdown Software to close specific programs after a given period of time. Visual Basic 6
2003 D&M’s Incredible Machine Program Software to assist in solving The Incredible Machine puzzles. Visual Basic 6
2002 Tae Kwon Do Software to teach students patterns, forms, and terminology of Tae Kwon Do. Visual Basic 6
2002 MP3 Renamer Software to make renaming MP3s en masse easier. Visual Basic 6
1999 CPatch Utility to patch and customize executable (.exe) files. Private Compiler