The Money Challenge Tracker

The Money Challenge Tracker

What is the Money Challenge?

The Money Challenge is an incredibly simple and common money-saving strategy. In its most basic form, you start the process at the beginning of the year (i.e., January) and, each week, contribute a dollar amount equal to the week number. For example, during week 1 of the year, you contribute $1; during week 2 of the year, you contribute $2; etc., up through week 52. In one year’s time, you’ll have saved $1,378.

What is The Money Challenge Tracker?

The Money Challenge Tracker is a tool developed in Microsoft Excel that helps you successfully complete The Money Challenge.

Key Features

  • Provides multiple variations of The Money Challenge to give you the ability to choose the plan that best suits you.
  • Allows you to specify their first contribution date of the year and plots dates for future contributions.
  • Incorporates a tracking column within each chart to assist you in staying on schedule.

Latest Version


Version History


  • Added bi-weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly versions (normal and reverse).
  • Minor aesthetic fixes.


  • Initial release.