I Received The Ellucian Outstanding Contributor Award

Today I was notified by Ellucian, a software and professional services company (primarily in higher education), that I had been awarded their Outstanding Contributor Award for my contributions to my peers and colleagues on their forums. Honestly, while I’m elated about the news, I wasn’t expecting this at all.

I have been involved with Ellucian products in some capacity for around 17 years, and as I’ve developed my skills over the years, I’ve always tried to share my knowledge with others so that they too could be great at their jobs. I never expected anything in return. I know everything I know because people were selfless enough to share and collaborate with me, so in some sense, I owe it to the community to help where I can.

In addition to a very nice letter, Ellucian also mailed me this beautiful award that I can display in my office. I’m truly grateful. Thank you to Ellucian and all of my colleagues who trusted me to help them with their questions and issues.